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Summer Enrichment

  • One on One Content Enrichment in ALL SUBJECTS with FLEXIBLE Hours!
  • Summer Savings on 10 or more sessions
  • Summer Tutoring, Series and Parenting Classes
  • ACT/SAT Preparation including FREE mock exams FAQ
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  1. Play the “getting ahead”  instead of “catching up” game
  2. Develop effective study strategies
  3. Turn weak skills into strengths
  4. Learn organizational skills
  5. Receive individualized attention in an environment conducive to learning
  6. Build confidence and self esteem at the beginning of the school year
  7. Maximize learning efficiency
  8. Be prepared and confident as school provides new challenges
  9. Improve grades
  10. Build the foundation for a successful academic year

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After School Homework Program

Teenage Student In Classroom With Tutor

Let US Help You Manage Your Students Success!

Our program leaders facilitate communication with schools, students and families.

After school programs for student support are essential especially with the rigorous student schedules that our children have today.

After School Homework Program Aims to Assist Students by:

  • Assisting with Homework in a Structured and Supportive Environment
  • Removing the Stress and Strain Arriving from Parent/Child Interactions at Home
  • Teaching a Student to Focus
  • Helping a Student Maximize Potential
  • Assisting with Goals Setting and Follow Through
  • Instituting a High Level of Responsibility and Commitment

Program Operation:

All sessions are scheduled in 2 hour time blocks at your convenience.  Each session has maximum of 5 students to provide more personalized attention.

Parent and student participation is a necessary requirement. Students are encouraged to attend a minimum of three times per week.  Additional time is always available and encouraged. Support for additional subject areas (Content Tutoring) is available.