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Summer Tutoring & Series



One-on-one comprehensive, subject-specific tutoring for student in need of individualized support.  Packages of 10 sessions are available at a discounted summer rate.  Call for pricing:

Arithmetic and Mathematics K-12

Comprehensive math programs and operations for students of all ages from elementary, middle to secondary an college levels. Strengthen your core math skills this summer.  One-on-one sessions designed to meet  your specific mathematical needs.

Basic & Advanced English Skills

Review, remediate, and enrich skills with attention to individual needs from grades K-12.

Reading Skills K-12

Improving performance in necessary skills including decoding, phonetics, comprehension, inferences, main idea, drawing conclusions, contextual clues, sequencing, analogies and speed.  Assist with required reading emphasizing analysis of themes, characters and literary devices.

Biology & Chemistry

One-on-one summer Biology and Chemistry review and enrichment for high school students that want to stay ahead of the game.

Writing Courses

Explore the writing process: Brainstorming, thesis, outline and essay. Further emphasis will be placed on proofreading and revising in order to write a polished paper. Information regarding different types of essays (Argumentative, Expository, Narrative and Creative) will be explored.

Spanish & French Tutoring

Learn a foreign language or brush up on your skills this summer.  We offer one-on-one tutoring to Middle School and High School Students in need of beginner, intermediate, or advanced support with grammar, writing, and conversational French and Spanish.


Improve basic handwriting and build fine motor skills.


Uniquely designed one-on-one summer series are taught in four (4)  or six (6) 1 hour sessions. Series are scheduled at your convenience unless specific dates are listed.   Additional sessions are available if needed.  Call now for pricing and to enroll your child this summer.

Reading Skills and Strategies Series (Grades 1-3

Getting most children to read during the summer is often a losing battle, and therefore the reading skills and strategies they’ve learned are forgotten. When the new school year begins, it generally takes time to refresh those previously learned skills, before they can move on to new learning.  Get a jumpstart on the new school year by refreshing and/or remediating your elementary school student’s reading skills this summer.  Implementing Common Core Standards, this class will focus on both comprehension strategies and basic reading skills using informational text on topics kids love to learn about.

Dates: July 25th, July 27th, Aug 1st and Aug 3rd

Time: 10:30am – 11:30am

Each series requires a minimum of 2 students; maximum of 4 students. 

Summer Math Series for Students Entering 1st – 3rd Grades

Developing a solid foundation in math early on is fundamental to successfully mastering math skills.  Each year new math skills are introduced and build on what was taught the previous year.  If your child struggled with any of the concepts taught during the school year, summer is the perfect time for reinforcement.  Keller Clinic offers a series of 4 math refresher sessions to students entering 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade in the Fall.  Each session will work on mastering all the required skills so your child will start the school year strong!

Speed Reading Series

Speed reading is an essential tool for middle and high school students.  This class will enable the student to read faster and maintain great comprehension.  This technique will greatly enhance a student’s ability to spend less time on reading texts, novels or any written material.

Session 1:  Review types of reading: passive, active, subvocalizing. Teach reading techniques.  Complete timed reading to know student’s reading rate or words per minute and comprehension.

Session 2:  Review reasons why reading tool is essential.  Timed reading with review of reading rate and comprehension.

Session 3:  Evaluate reading speed and comprehension to determine which skills need enrichment.

Session 4:  Implement timed reading with review of reading rate and comprehension. Focus on any critical reading skills that require enrichment.

Study Skills Series

Students of all ages need to know which study skills are appropriate for them based on their individual learning styles.  Students will explore which learning methods apply and the study skills that are invaluable for comprehension, studying and taking tests, as well as managing time.

Session 1:  Analyze learning style using Inventory.  Explain importance of multi-sensory approach to learning.

Session 2:  The student will know which study techniques and memory devices fit with learning style.

Session 3:  Test-taking methods

Session 4:  Organization and time management

Learning the Language of Math Series (Grades 3-8)

It is essential for a student to comprehend the language of mathematics.  Learning to improve their math attention span helps them to stay on task.  Memory math techniques help students recall those problematic facts.  Improving output difficulties, as well as improving their computational weaknesses help to lower math anxiety.

This program will address the following areas:

  • Understanding the language of mathematics
  • Attention span
  • Memory ability
  • Personal or individualized factors
  • Output difficulties
  • Computation weakness
  • Math anxiety

Overcoming the Mystery of Fractions Series (Grades 3-6)

The understanding and manipulating of fractions, decimals and percentages is necessary in today’s world.  For the use of higher level mathematics to everyday life, understanding fractions, decimals and percentages is essential.

This program will address the following areas:

  • What is a fraction
  • Comparing fractions
  • Adding fraction and mixed numbers
  • Subtracting fraction and mixed numbers
  • Multiplying fractions and mixed number
  • Dividing fractions and mixed numbers
  • Working with decimals
  • Working with percentages

Get Ready for Calculus Series

Believe it or not, most mistakes made in calculus are really algebra mistakes. Be better prepared for the challenge of calculus by understanding the common algebra mistakes and learn how to avoid them. This four session series will focus on improving your skills, making you ready for the rigor of calculus. Also appropriate for students entering pre-calculus.

Session 1: Rational equations – learn how to easily find common denominators, look for asymptotes, understand domain restrictions.

Session 2: Radical equations and function types – learn how to rationalize, avoid sign errors and understand domain and range. We will also review all function shapes.

Session 3: Composite functions and factoring – learn how to construct composite functions, determine if functions are inverses, and brush up on factoring

Session 4: Unit circle review and construction. We will also apply everything you learned through the application of limits, the foundation of derivatives.

Algebra I Readiness Series

This 6 session series is designed to help students transition from Middle School Math (Pre-Algebra) to High School Math (Algebra I).  Starting high school is stressful for most students.  You can help ease some of that stress by enrolling your student in this short Algebra I series.  This series consists of 6 sessions and will help to prepare your student for Algebra I by reviewing several key topics that are crucial for high school math success.  The following topics will be covered:  fraction review, percent review (including story problems), integer operations (specifically negative integers), proportions, perimeter/area/volume of simple geometric shapes, and solving 1 variable equations.

Algebra II Readiness Series

This 6 session series is designed to help students transition from Geometry (or Algebra I) to Algebra II.  All Michigan students are required to pass Algebra II as a requirement for graduation.  Unfortunately, many students do not have the proper foundation needed for this class.  This series will focus on reinforcing the Algebra I concepts that are crucial for success in Algebra II and will consist of 6 sessions.    The following topics will be covered: integer operations, simplifying expressions, linear functions, factoring, solving 1 and 2 variable equations, and graphing the 6 basic functions.

Geometry Readiness Series 1

This 6 session series is designed for students who have completed Algebra 1 and are entering Geometry in the fall.  Students are often worried about Geometry because it is so “different” than the math they are accustomed to doing.  This isn’t exactly the case.  In this series students will learn that Geometry is just a branch of mathematics that looks at problems in a slightly different way.  Much of the foundation for Geometry was introduced in the primary years, and students just need a refresher.  This series will consist of 6 sessions and cover the basic geometry terms, circle geometry, polygon geometry, 2D and 3D problems with geometric shapes, and right angle trigonometry.

College Application Series

With college imminent, students will have the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for the college application essay.  Through the writing process, they will be able to proofread and revise the essays to the polished state that college counselors want.

Number of sessions: 4

Session 1:  Decide on which prompts to use and the topic to write about.  Organize list of top school choices and review their requirements and due dates.

Session 2:  Brainstorm ideas for essays.  Analyze if essay can work for other college applications.

Session 3:  Proofread and revise essay.  Revise format to meet other essay requirements.

Session 4:  Revise essay to polished level.


ACT/SAT  Preparation and more…

Keller Clinic students benefit from a one-on-one test preparation approach.  This allows us to determine your child’s strength’s and weaknesses and concentrate on improving scores in those areas.  Studies have shown that students receiving individualized attention correlates to improved strategies and higher test scores overall.

Students receive an initial diagnostic examination, Mock tests with real ACT/SAT questions, skill building techniques for math, English, science and reading sections, essay writing skills and much more.

We prepare you for test day.  Our focus builds confidence and reduces anxiety in an organized approach to standardized test taking skills supporting the ACT, SAT,  SAT II, SSAT, PSAT, GMAT, GRE, CLEP, ASVAB, & GED. Our techniques and strategies aim to improve an array of necessary skills, including essay writing, reading comprehension and analytical abilities, utilizing pretests and full practice tests.


Parenting Skills for the Hard to Manage Child, Level I

Does your child not follow directions?  Do they have tantrums when they can’t get their way?  Are you concerned about taking them to public places?  Do they have trouble completing work assignments and chores?

For solutions to these and similar problems join Dr. Mitchell Parker for a 4 session series where concrete, practical and useful suggestions will be provided to help ease your day and that of your child.

Group sessions will meet August 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th from 4:00 – 5:30pm

Cost: $40.00 per session


4 Individual sessions (1 or 2 parents) is available by appointment

Cost $150 per hour

*Insurance may cover some or all of the sessions.