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What's happening at Keller Clinic

2017 – 2018 Fall Programs

  • ACT/SAT Preparation including Mock Exams
  • Reading, Writing and Math support for primary age students
  • Writing & Study Skills Clinics
  • One on One Content Tutoring  in ALL SUBJECTS with FLEXIBLE Hours!
  • Back to School Savings on 5 or more sessions
  • College Essay Assistance
  • College Planning
  • After School Homework Program
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Top 10 Reasons Tutoring Can Benefit Your Child

1.  Helps to improve failing or declining grades

2.  Builds confidence and self esteem

3.  Teaches students how to overcome test anxiety

4.  Provides enrichment for the gifted student

5.  Teaches organizational skills

6.  Reduces frustration with a particular subject

7.  Prepares students for standardized testing and improves scores

8.  Establishes a good foundation for early learners struggling with key concepts

9.  Helps with common core standards and teaches students new learning techniques

10. Reduces the parent/child homework struggle