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Educational Clinics

Student Success Bootcamp For Parents

This 90-minute seminar provides parents with effective tools to help their student achieve school success including organization, study skills, time management, and goal setting. As curriculum demands have increased, schools have been forced to spend less time teaching how to be a student and more time teaching content. Parent support is crucial to developing students into strong, independent, life-long learners.
We offer a varied approach to the enrichment of learning experiences for all abilities and ages.
Individual programs are designed for each student.

Our educational therapy is successful in remediating “primary reading and learning disabilities.”
We provide counseling and therapy to alleviate behavioral disorders. In addition, consultation is available for parents whose children may be experiencing developmental delays. The latest research regarding school readiness is applied to individual children.

Relationship, Intimacy And Teens

The ‘Relationships, Intimacy and Teens’ presentation will focus on gearing parents with the necessary tools to open communication with their teens. The presentation will review relationship characteristics, Developmental aspects of teens, the progression of Intimacy, Sexual behavior in teens and Communication awareness and tools. Further, parents will leave with a solution-focused approach, equipped with helpful tips in regard to dating, relationship building, autonomous behaviors, conversation builders and tips to build communication as a whole.

Summer Time Issues & Brain Drain

This workshop will review a myriad of concerns surrounding Summer Time Issues. It will focus on providing parents with basic principles and tools when dealing with the pressures of keeping their children busy during the summer months. Particular focus will be placed on the concept of ‘Brain Drain’. Other areas of focus surround Basic Skills, Summer Activities & Learnings, Summer Jobs, and Sex & Drugs. A Solution-Focused Approach to dealing with these issues will be focused upon with special concentration on Resolving Conflict, Action Plans, Communication and Things to Remember When Dealing With Teens. A two page comprehensive resource list will be provided at the conclusion of the presentation.

Mental Health Concerns On College Campuses

This presentation will focus on identifying mental health concerns for students in college settings. Discussion of primary mental health concerns will be addressed, including depression, anxiety and suicidal ideations, along with symptoms such as stress, impulsiveness, attention deficits and burnout. Psychosocial stressors will be addressed with emphasis on family dynamics and communication barriers/enhancers. Emphasis will also be placed on earlier detection and intervention as well as new challenges faced by college students, mental health professionals, college faculty, staff and administrators. Participants will leave with a solution-focused approach equipped with helpful tips in regard to effectively responding to the gamut of stressors faced by
college students. Equally, discussion will ensue around effective responses and approaches from individual, family, faculty and administrative levels.

Other Presentation/Sessions That Might Be Of Interest

  •  Academic Motivation
  •  Setting Limits (Teens)
  •  Bullying
  •  Family Building Therapeutic Interventions
  •  Sexuality, Drugs and Your Teen
  •  School Transitions (High School and College)

Working with community groups, trained clinicians assist in consulting and creating suggestions for supportive intervention, policy changes and action plans on a broad range of subjects including the following:

  •  Crisis Intervention (Severe Depression, Suicide, Psychotic Episodes, Drug Issues, Sudden Death)
  •  Critical Incident Stress Debriefing – CISD Training
  •  Educational Consultation
  •  Self-mutilation Policy and Procedure
  •  Suicide Action Plans (for death of students or teachers)
  •  Effective Communication
  •  Identifying Growing Edges and Action Plans
  •  Many more subject areas
  •  Customized programs available for varied sized groups.
  •  Trained clinicians consult with the following groups/community organizations:
  •  Parents
  •  Schools and School Districts
  •  Business and Industry
  •  Hospital and Clinics
  •  Support Services Organizations

If your group would like a free consultation, please contact Dr. Laura Rodriguez-Kitkowski at for additional information on how we can assist you and your organization.