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Public Speaking & Training Seminars

Topics include but are not limited to the following:

Anger Management

Description of anger as a drug. Discusses anger as a form of self-medication. Learn to self-monitor trigger and problem solve with healthy coping strategies.

Anxiety and Depression

Discussion of living with mood disorders. Communication and identification of themes. Systematic desensitization and strategies to strengthen motivation.

Autism and Aspergers

Suggested for parents and family members of children with Autism and Aspergers Characteristics of disorders and effective strategies for dealing with individuals. Strategies for building patience and psychoeducation.

Bi-Polar Disease

Description of disease and progression. Discussion of childhood onset vs. adult onset. Characteristics and methods of treatment for successful interventions.

Bullies in School

Identification of the problems in schools and community settings. What to look for and how to approach school administrators and community leaders. Strategies for children and parents.

Difficult Clients/Parents

Identification of parenting styles and characteristics of parents and clients which form negative emotions in situations. Strategies for dealing with clients and parents in effective and positive manner.

Dual Diagnosis

Discussion of the problem, history, and a solution-focused approach when dealing with two primary diagnoses. Importance of co-existing treatment and resources for effective treatment of family dynamics.

Effects of Stress

Identification of positive and negative aspects of stress. Identifying your stress type and characteristics of stress in individual life experiences. Effective strategies in dealing with emotions and overwhelming feelings.

Family Dynamics

Identification of important aspects in family and relationship building including Communication, Trust, Identifying Feelings, Self-Defeating Behaviors, Stress, Family Relationship Building, Change, Triggers and Symptoms, Responsibilities & Individual Rights, and Leisure & Maintenance

Grief and Loss

Identification and understanding of grief and loss as a process rather than symptoms. Effective strategies for coping with grief and living in the moment.

Linking to Community Resources

Understanding of the world of information & referral and the impact of community resources in today’s society. Outreach and education of 2-1-1 as a community resource. Identification and referral to Information and Referral Agencies in the immediate and surrounding areas.

Loss of Children to Stillbirth or Miscarriage

Suggested for couples and organizations with medical staff identification and understanding of loss due to stillbirth or miscarriage. Understanding what makes this topic so critical in today’s world.

Marital/Premarital Therapy and Training

Four Stage Model: Communication, Expectations, Values and Growing Together. Identifying importance of both individual and group needs. Valuing differences and using expectations for positive change.

Parent and Child Communication and Identification of Problems

Can be designed for parent and child breakout groups. Identification of common problems faced by parents today and comparison of past issues. Exploring communication style and practicing that communication with others.

Parenting Skills

Can be designed for parent and child breakout groups. Identification of parenting styles and individual history. Strategies to identify skill sets for specific problems. Effectively managing frustration and identifying behaviors rather than emotional motivations.

Self-Mutilation Dynamics

Can be designed for parent and child breakout groups. Understanding the problems faced by adolescents, teens and adults today. Facing the reality of the issues. Identifying distinction of behaviors not related to suicide. Strategies for dealing with pain and emotional distress. Effective training toward written policy in schools and community settings.

Stress in the Workplace

Understanding positive and negative stress in the workplace. Identifying and managing your stress type and characteristics of stress in individual life experiences. Effective strategies for dealing with emotions and overwhelming feelings.

Suicide Response Training

Effective guidelines toward written policies in middle and high school settings. Communicating with district support, crisis team building, parental support and training, therapy and counseling, classroom presentations, legal issues and prevention strategies

Women’s Issues

Identification of unique issues to women including body image, self-concept, work environments, surgical trauma and post trauma. Strategies for effectively managing individual needs and wants.

Summertime Transitions

Training with plans of action (POA). Awareness of “Brain Drain” and reasons to keep your children engaged in activities. Identification of jobs, projects and enrichment activities.

NOTE: Except when noted, all seminars and training sessions are appropriate for individuals and groups of all ages, including business organizations and in-service special groups.

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